Call of Duty Black Ops NextGen MODBOX v2.0

What is Modbox? ModBox is a simple tool used for Modern Warfare 2 Modding. It is the only modding tool that can be used without a JTAG. So now almost everyone can mod on modern warfare 2. There is no need for a JTAG, Modded Xbox, or a Transfer Cable. Everything is done on the pc to the xbox 360. Get the latest version of ModBox on this page.

What’s New MODBOX 2.0?
-Works with the new patch for online -Simple Sleek GUI -Now works with the New XBOX 360 Slim, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC -40% faster than Modbox v 7.0 -Added Money Mode and Super Jump Mods -Better stealth to stay unbanned -Faster Process and Speeds -More added Features -AntiBan & AntiLookup is added

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Download Call of Duty Black Ops NextGen MODBOX v2.0
Name:  Call of Duty Black Ops NextGen MODBOX v2.0
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