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Cabal is a great free MMORPG game. It is set in third-person mode and has many great points to it. It would seem MMORPG games have been getting more complexed over the years and this game is definitely one that proves it.
Long ago in ancient Nevareth the people started to commit great sins which the CABAL, a secret religious group were not pleased with. The CABAL brought for evil to cleanse the land, however seven great masters of force led survivors into rebuilding the continent. \Years have passed and the people of Nevareth have lived in peace. However the CABAL have rose again to cleanse the land, doing so by controlling evil. They are trying to breed a child to become King of Nevareth. However you play the hero, helping to battle against the evil and keep it out of Nevareth, whilst trying to find out who is behind the strange attacks. You must choose one of six authentic combat skills which have been passed down through the ages of Nevareth. Then you will set off around the battle-scarred and monster ridden continent over icey ground and dangerous jungle to try defeat the evil.

However you are not alone, there wil be many friends, foes and monsters. During the hard times you must stay focused and be watchful as some friends might turn against you. Strangely enough you could end up befriending some foes!
Cabal is a great game which will keep you busy with its quests. I think Cabel is a really good MMORPG and has avoided many of the problems MMO games seem to have. Leveling up is easy but you won’t be done with Cabal too quickly.

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