Age of Empires Hack

This is a series that most likely needs no introduction, unless you’ve been hiding away from civilization for 20 years. Age of Empires is quite literally the forefather of real time strategy games; it was one of those titles that started it all. Though many in its category faded away with time, Age of Empires is alive and kicking, as proven by its recent venture into the MMO market. This might be a surprise to some, considering how far it went, going from a full feature 50$ game to a free-to-play model. It’s a surprisingly smooth transition, though it could also be said that it could have been done better in many aspects.

If you’re desperate for some Age of Empires action, go ahead. It’s good looking, and it’ll give you exactly what you expect. However, don’t expect anything long-term, and forget about PvP unless you’re ready to dish out at least 20$ for the premium civilization content. All in all, it’s a very disappointing experience, and there is no doubt that Microsoft Studios is capable of much, much better products, than this re-packaged excuse with the Age of Empires name on it.

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